Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer School Wrap Up

I finished up summer school by passing my last Jury Charge at 100wpm. What a great relief that was! I only had one more Literary at 80wpm to pass and I turned in two tests that were both borderline of passing. My teacher didn't grade either one before school got out, so I was left hanging on whether I passed Literary. I really hope I did!

Now I have three weeks off before Fall Semester starts and I am going to try and enjoy it as much as possible!

I had to make a hard decision this week to go back to working at the hospital part-time. When I moved back home I was able to only work one 12 hour shift a week. It has been so nice to really focus on school, go to church every week, and have a little free time. The only problem is that I am not eligable for health insurance at work. I have felt nervous this whole year not having insurance. Lately I have felt very strongly that I should have health insurance. I looked into all my options and the most practical one was to go back to working part-time, which is two 12 hour shifts a week. I will work every Friday and rotating Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights. I will either have to miss one day of school a week or miss church. I really don't want to, but as I thought and prayed about it I felt good about it, and I know the Lord will give me the strength and success I need.