Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...

Dear Dr. Pepper,
It brings me much sadness to tell you that you can no longer be a part of my life. We have had so many good memories together, but I realize more and more each day how bad you are to have in my life. I am very dependent on you and I need to be a more independent girl. I cannot rely on you to get me through the day; it’s just not a healthy relationship. I know the first couple of weeks will be hard, I will miss you terribly, but I know this is what is best. I have to be strong and remind myself all the awful things you have done to me. Having you in my life comes with a price and I just can’t pay that price any longer. I really hope we don’t meet again.
Good-bye old friend.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Year Older...

...And wiser too?

I am not too fond of getting older, but since birthdays come each year without fail, might as well make the best of it!
My mom and sister were out of town on my birthday, but they made sure I felt special!

My mom gave me this little beauty before she left on her trip!

Its a personal blender, the top comes off and becomes a cup!


Kelsey made me a cute card and put it on the fridge before she left with a death threat if I open it before my birthday! Gotta love her!

My awesome friends really made up for my mom and sister being gone

Daja, Alayna, and I had some great girl time in the morning as we soaked up some sun at the pool.

Alayna made these beautiful and yummy cupcakes for my birthday

That night Justin, Cara, and Alayna took me to the cutest little cafe in Old Town Scottsdale called the Sugar Bowl. The food was good, the desert was AMAZING, and the company coundn't be matched!

We headed over to Jesterz Improv after that to laugh off all the calories we ate in ice cream. If you have never been to Jesterz Improv in Scottsdale, I highly recomend it. Its clean and very entertaining!


I wish I got a picture of all four of us. Even though Justin is missing from these pictures I will always remember his enthusiasm for the number 85! It was a wonderful day and I felt very special and loved.

As if that wasn't enough, I also got some great birthday gifts

My Aunt Debi always gives me the best gifts

I love my owl from Justin and Cara AND I am so excited for my trip to Hobby Lobby

Alayna has always amazed me with her crafting skills

I am so grateful for good friends and family.

Last year had its share of ups and downs and I am looking forward to starting a new year with hopefully more ups than downs.