Friday, February 10, 2012

Can You Say CRAZY???

Life has been...well...a bit on the busy side, to put it lightly.

Currently I am:
- In class Monday - Friday for a total of 25 hours a week
- Trying to find time for transcribing, homework, and practicing my steno
- Working 30+ hours a week
- Moving (which includes doing MANY projects Kelsey and I have found on Pinterest)
- Adjusting to the new church calling, 2nd Counselor in the Relief Society

And I have the added bonus of dealing with gallbladder attacks 1-2 times a week. I will most likely be having surgery to get that pain in my side out in the next month, if I can find the time :/

Although I do feel a bit overwhelmed, I feel blessed to be able to get everything done and have the energy to go all day.

I am also so grateful to be able to go to school with my family everyday. It seems like when one of us is feeling down or overwhelmed, someone else is feeling good and positive and is able to give us the motivation we need. My dad is currently the positive one and he has helped me and many others in our Scoping class, which is a very difficult class.

I know things will slow down a bit once I get moving out of the way. I am trying to enjoy the experience, though, of Kelsey and I getting our own place. It has been fun searching for apartments together, buying and making things for the new place, and planning all the fun things we'll do when we're on our own. I am so excited to have my baby sister as a roommate!

When things slow down I will be sure to post some pics of all the cute projects we've been working on!

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